POS has been tested on Real Hardware, with the following requirements,

  • x86 Intel CPU, i386+
  • 1MB+ RAM
  • 1.44 MB Space


  1. Download POS-SDK (see the downloads page)
  2. Get PowerISO/Imdisk or any utility that can read Floppy Files
  3. Get some sort of Storage Device, like a Floppy/USB
  4. Extract all the contents of the Floppy File,
  5. Format the USB or whatever with FAT12
  6. Copy the bootload.bin to the first sector of the storage device using debug (see on google)
  7. Then copy all the other files to the USB/Floppy
  8. When you boot your PC, press the MutiBoot Key (usually F12),
  9. Boot From your Floppy/USB

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