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AS-POS (Alldesplay's Portable Operating System)

GitHub :

POS being booted off Real Hardware :

I am making this OS from an existing OS called MikeOS, I know this is stupid since it's Real Mode
But why not just try how stuff was done in Real Mode, 20 Years Ago?
A Very Big Thanks to :
Mike Saunders --> MikeOS Developer
Matej Horavat ---> Memory Allocator
Joshua Beck --> BASIC Programs
Troy Martin --> CPUID Program
XanClic ---> Network Driver
MessiahAndrw --> 3D Engine
Me239 --> BMP Viewer
People at the FASM Board like sleepsleep,Dex4u,uart777,codb453,Mike Gonta and MANY other people
who I may have missed but encouraged me a LOT!
People at forum.osdev are highly knowledgeable, also the wiki on OSdev has helped me a LOT!
FASM Board :
OSDev Forum :
OSdev Wiki :
And to all MikeOS Developers
MikeOS Website :

Why POS can't write the file?

If you boot POSx86 from a ISO or a CDROM, If your BIOS Supports Floppy Emulation It would work, but if not then you won't be able to access the read-write function, Most modern BIOSes support POS Floppy Emulation.
Boot POS from a real floppy or the .IMA File.....

News :

MineAssemble working!

I have found a game written by Alexander Overvoorde called MineAssemble.
I will release POSNT with LIB16 & MineAssemble.

POSNT Released!

What's new?
  • Network Support (Reading the NIC's MAC + Incomplete TCP/IP Stack) ONLY FOR REALTEK 8139 Cards!
  • Text Mode 80x50
  • PCGUI 2.0 + Mouse Support (New Look)
  • PCGUI Removed from the Kernel and is an external app
  • Mouse Support for WINLIB
  • DOS Mode is now optional freeing space on the disk
  • BASIC Interpreter is an external program Kernel size is 11KB
  • Fonts removed
  • New look for NTLOAD
  • BMP File Viewer
  • 3D Engine
  • Snake512
And many more.....
BMP File Viewer

3D Engine:

IP MAC 80x50 CLI


NTLOAD 0.2.3




Supported DOS Games :

Vlak (1993)
Paratrooper (1982)
Invaders (1995)
Tetris (2004)
Stakan (1991)
Viscalc (Not a Game But is POS-Compatible)

Paratrooper (With Sounds!)

External Floppy (VFS)

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